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Chemistry is the study of materials and their properties. The subject matter covers a wide range of topics that impact upon our everyday lives and are essential to our modern society. Apart from the fascination of understanding how things around (and inside us) work at the molecular level, Chemistry affects every-one of us every day of our lives.

Students are taught the historical development of key ideas, along with the industrial and economic applications of the subject matter. Experimental work plays a pivotal role in encouraging the development of logical thought and self-evaluation.

Students gain plenty of ‘hands on’ experience in laboratory methods with most lessons making use of the well equipped Science suite. Since our class sizes are small, all pupils achieve maximum contact time with their teacher. Their progress is carefully monitored to ensure that they are stretched to perform to the very best of their ability at all times.

He study of chemistry can lead to a wide range of careers including medicine, environmental sciences, forensics, chemical engineering and veterinary science. In addition, the ability of chemists to solve problems, analyse data and carry out research means they are valuable in all types of employment. The subject is a popular option at both GCSE, ‘AS’ and ‘A2’ levels and is much sought after in the world of work.

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