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 Computer Science  

ICT at St. John’s is constantly evolving as technology changes and innovation works through to the marketplace. We aim to keep pace with developments, in so far as this is possible, by continually updating our resources and approach by employing the latest business standard software. Our overall strategy is to enable ICT in line with the National Curriculum, but not be constrained by it. A more flexible scheme allows the teacher to react to current events and to shape delivery to meet the specific needs and aspirations of the individual pupil whilst at the same time bearing in mind the requirements of national examinations.

ICT lessons are provided for all pupils from Year 6 to Year 9 in our networked suite where younger children are able to interact with students studying G.C.S.E. and, in the future, ‘A’ level. The vast majority of pupils opt to take ICT G.C.S.E, (currently the Edexcel Full Course), which has a large practical coursework component Naturally, engaging with computers is a popular choice and classes usually take the shortest route to the ICT room and are frequently found there in their breaks and after school. Opportunities exist for keen pupils to explore their own interests with guidance from our qualified staff in such areas as presentation, graphics and research, often via the Internet. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility when online and regular guidance is given in safety and awareness of the issues involved.

ICT is popular subject at St. John’s and we aim to equip our youngsters with the skills they need, whether following the subject for its own sake, or as a tool so essential in the modern world.

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