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St. John's is a school which represents and actively promotes traditional values. History, therefore, takes its rightful place as an integral part of our curriculum.

As a department we encourage our pupils to be bold, free-thinkers, who question and consider all sides of any argument. This principle is an extension of the philosophy which permeates all aspects of teaching and pastoral matters at St. John's.

A study of history is in essence the fascinating story of humankind and its long journey from the recorded past to the present. Free from the usual obligation to conform to the constraints and vagaries of political correctness, our pupils are given the liberating opportunity to fully examine the reasons behind the rise and fall of great nations and people,together with the concomitant socio-political consequences, however unpalatable they may be by contemporary standards.

Hence we take the road away from 'fudged' history such as the History of Medicine, or the History of Transport. Instead, we take with both hands a study of the achievements and failures of past Empires and nations, their values and the spirit and methods which they used to forge their places in history. And above all, we do so, as far as sensibly possible, through their eyes not solely through our own.

With an emphasis on British and European political history, which includes cameos of a range of significant figures such as Pericles, Charlemagne, Napoleon and Nelson, Metternich and Bismarck, Hitler and Stalin. We offer history in the round and the opportunity to gain academic success as well as to develop a life-long passion for this most vital of subjects.

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