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Law at G.C.S.E. (for IVth & Vth Forms only)

A pupil may have no interest in becoming a lawyer. Nevertheless, St John's recommends it highly for its pupils at GCSE level. I am sure parents will support me when I say that the world is full of exciting opportunities, but also it is full of complications and injustice. Law will not guarantee us the opportunities nor does it guarantee to save us from all our mistakes and from other people's injustice. G.C.S.E. Law will not make the pupil a lawyer, but it will instill that extra confidence to move about in our society. It will map out the legal system in which we live, tell us what our rights are, what authorities such as government, courts, police and the borough can and cannot do to us or for us. It will also explain what danger areas there are in our social and business dealings with others.

Law is a form of self defence. It trains and sharpens the mind for use in everyday life. Knowledge of the law will act as a shield and a sword. Despite their study of law, pupils may well still need to see a solicitor in the future. I do not know anybody who has been spared the sad (and expensive) experience. When such a time comes, our pupils will not sit there utterly bewildered and confused. They will sit there as intelligent and informed persons, who will understand what is being said and be capable of thinking legally for themselves.

Although Law is truly fascinating and relevant to our lives on planet earth - it is not an easy subject. As I often say to my pupils it is just like building up our body muscles. We must put in real effort and work into it..... and not all the exercises are fun. We have to sweat and persevere (not that I have ever been into body building myself) to develop the body muscles. So it is with law which will develop the pupils' intellectual muscles!

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