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The Mathematics Department is dedicated to providing the pupils of St. John's Senior School with the best mathematics education possible. We aim to share our passion and enthusiasm for mathematics with our pupils and to enhance their ability to solve logical problems through investigational work and interactive mathematics and develop their mental arithmetic skills.

Most pupils at St. John's Senior School thoroughly enjoy their mathematics lessons, and are always keen to participate in extra activities such as the UK Mathematics Challenges.

At Key Stage 3 our pupils work towards the National SATs examinations and our results are consistently well above the national average. We follow the Edexcel linear mathematics syllabus at Key Stage 4, where a very high percentage of our pupils are entered for the 'Higher' examination. Many of these pupils go on to achieve grades A and A*. We encourage our pupils to incorporate ICT skills into their Mathematics work, and this is always evident in both the Statistical and Algebraic coursework tasks. The coursework component has a 20% weighting towards a pupil's final G.C.S.E. grade.

AS and A level Mathematics continues to be a very popular subject at St. John's Senior School, emphasising our pupils positive attitude towards mathematics. At both AS and A level, pupils study modules in Core Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. Many of our A level pupils go on to study Mathematical based subjects at degree level.

Our pupils are regularly tested and consolidate class work with two homework tasks set per week. Class work and homework are rigorously marked and assessed with detailed feedback given to each pupil for progression and improvement. Pupils at all key stages are encouraged to produce work to the best of their ability.

We strive to arm our pupils with the skills to tackle real life problems and be logical and methodical thinkers. As confident and competent Mathematicians we know that the pupils of St. John's will gain the ability to open the many doors and opportunities which lie ahead.

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